Hero, the leader of the pack

Our fearless, charming and energetic Hero leads the group (or so he thinks). Our handsome horse also loves to play tennis. But oopsie - he's a little impulsive, a tad obnoxious and a complete people pleaser. He also claims he can cook the world's best carrot cake.

Wysh, miss happy-go-lucky!

Overly positive, tidy and social, Wysh loves making everyone's dreams come true. But poor Wysh gets overly stressed and all her worries goes to her tummy! She loves her greens and her favorite food is Moloukhia!

Lior, the sharp one

Rawr, it's clever & curious Lior! She's fast and fun, but a bit too sarcastic for the group's liking. After all her sprinting, her go-to meal is a good bowl of energy-packed spaghetti bolognese!

Luca, the group's eyes and ears

Intuitive, understanding, and a good listener, Luca is the also the music-bringer of the group. But watch out, our troublesome turtle can be overly sensitive and has a sharp tongue when provoked - snap! Make sure you don't steal any of his Peanut Butter & Jam Sandwiches.

Rich, the man with the plan

Rich is the one coming up with the best ideas, he's ambitious and major risk taker. Stubborn at times, our direct dugong doesn’t take criticism well. To keep his mind in tip-top shape, he loves to have a Wheat Grass Shot everyday.

Welcome to the new world

Oh, hiya!

You must be here to join us as we follow the adventures of the katkoots!

Get to know Hero, Wysh, Luca, Aura, Rich, Amaya, Manabu, Lior, Bibi and Jacobi as they go through the ups and downs of life as we know it. 

But don't be fooled by their cute faces! Each katkoot has something (well- a lot!) to say, teaching us all a thing or two as we go along this crazy ride!

The katkoots are soon to be an animated adventure series, hitting a screen near you. 

Aura, she has like 3 million followers on instagram

Oh you must know her. This sizzling snake is a trendsetter, goes for what she wants, and always gets it too. Our superstar is spoiled and needs to be the centre of the attention - much to everyone else's annoyance. She won't stop raving about this new joint that sells like the best Buddha Bowls.

Bibi, the loose canon

Woah! Social, gentle and ready for fun - nothing gets in the way of this hilarious hedgehog. She gets restless and nervous at times, always letting her pesky anxiety get to her. Her favorite season is early summer, because she gets to have all the apricots she can find!

Amaya, the sing-a-long

What's that you hear? Someone singing? It's probably Amaya. She's our over-the-top, fabulous pearl oyster. She lives in her own lala land, singing her (and everyone else's) troubles away. When she's not singing, she's probably giggling or munching on some seaweed salad.

Manabu, oozes cool

This crazy caracal is so very zen, soothing and practices daily grounding rituals. He's a tad too opinionated though and the group don't always understand what he's talking about. An ethical eater, he loves to sneak in a few unagi rolls.

Jacobi, the creative

This cheeky falcon loves soaring in the sky, in search for the next adventure. Full of philosophical ideas, independent thinking and heaps of talent, his mischievous ways can get in the way. He just can't seem to focus and gets bored easily, appearing overly selfish at times. He loves to have home-cooked Ratatouille when he can.